Outplacement & Career Transition

Nowadays, redundancies linked to downsizing, restructuring and cease of activities have become part of business reality and can affect your employees and organisation directly.

Our Outplacement programmes, which have become a core part of corporate social responsibility agendas, are designed to support those affected by change.

We understand that downsizing is a critical period for the entire organisation, and we are here to assist you and your employees in managing the process as efficiently and effectively as possible by participating in our customised Outplacement and Career Transition programmes. In this way, we can help your departing employees cope with change in a positive and clear manner.

Our specialised team offers support to all stakeholders affected by change, through:

  • Individual Outplacement programmes
  • Inplacement programmes
  • Reskilling workshops
  • Voluntary departure plans
  • Communication management workshops including “Delivering difficult news”
  • Career change programmes
  • Survivor Syndrome workshops

PwC’s Outplacement methodology, «Building the bridge to your next career» is based on a quality approach customised to each participant’s need, as every individual is unique.

Step-by-step, we support participants individually to cope with change positively, assess their situation and skills, develop new skills through training and certified courses (reskilling), and design the necessary action plan in order to proceed to their next career move as soon as possible.

Our experience

PwC Greece has an average success rate of 75% in executive job placement through outplacement in the last two years and satisfaction rate from participation is at 97% in 2014-2015. 

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