M&A Transactions and Labour Issues

In an era where Mergers and Acquisitions keep multiplying at a fast pace, their handling remains a ‘grey area’ for the organisations involved. The risks and challenges are many and it takes careful planning and commitment in order to understand and evaluate their effect on both the organisation and its people.

Most of the time, attempts for M&A have failed because they were not ‘people-oriented’ enough. Aiming to give a solution to the usual problems arising during the restructuring phase, our team has designed and implemented the following services:

  • ΗR Audit and HR Due diligence
  • Post M&A organisational transformation
  • Workforce planning
  • Assessment Centres and Executive search for key post M&A positions
  • Cultural mapping and Communication plan
  • Strategic Leadership and Action planning workshops
  • People engagement/satisfaction surveys

In addition to these services, and in order to also manage labour law issues that are encountered in such situations, we also provide:

  • Advice and administration regarding recruitment, compensation & benefits schemes, voluntary departures planning
  • Assistance with controls and processes linked to social security, tax and employment authorities
  • Ad-hoc advice on labour law and communication issues
Our experience

We handled HR Due Diligence for our Financial Services client focusing on organisational structure, reward, systems , labour law issues and culture. We then developed a suggested post –merger integration plan.

We handled a post-acquisition organisational assessment and cultural mapping, as well as a suggested transformation design, for a Financial Services client. 

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