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Trade spend (or trade promotion spend) is any expenditure made by a manufacturer (e.g. coupons, discounts, BOGOs etc.) to promote products to the end consumer. Given the current complex environment and price sensitivity of consumers, the trade spend has become very high and in addition, the majority of promotional events have negative ROI.

Some of the challenges you may be facing include:

  • Lack of a closed loop process from planning to post-event evaluation and analysis
  • Lack of transparency regarding how trade promotion budget is being spent
  • No unified approach to measure performance  or track events per account
  • Measure promo event impact over wrong timeframe

Mastering trade promotion is therefore critical to improving bottom-line performance. 

Our Trade Promotions Excellence capability covers the entire spectrum of your needs, from strategy through execution:

  • Strategy: Alignment between business strategy and medium to long term decisions made in TPM area
  • Process: Current and visionary states of functional capability for entire closed-loop TPM process
  • Organisation: Peoples competency of TPM focused on building capability, collaboration and right behaviours
  • Analytics: Capability to extract the valuable insight to support the main decisions in TPM area, including data, tools and methods
  • Technology: Data, applications and tools to support TPM, JBP, PEA & TPO processes and execution capabilities

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