Target Operating Model

All organisations have a certain level of operational and structural complexity, creating inertia or ‘drag’ and hindering their performance. This complexity, and the costs it drives, is easiest to observe and quantify in your organisation’s Operating Model, based on:

  • your corporate structure;
  • your organisation’s interactions both internally and externally;
  • the infrastructure, management and operating structures and,
  • the skills, values and behaviours across your organisation.

By reducing complexity and creating more flexible, scalable operating models, your organisation will be in a better position to respond quickly to new market opportunities and operate at a lower cost.

PwC’s Target Operating Model framework provides a clear and versatile means of describing your organisation’s current model, designing a new one that can deliver your business strategy and then making that operating model a reality.

Our analysis and design can help you resolve complex issues, such as:

  • Establishing a new organisational structure aligned with your company’s strategy and visions
  • Improving decision-making coherence
  • Assessing the value chain to increase profitability
  • Integrating an acquisition
  • Creating a new service offering
  • Simplifying and standardising business processes while enabling IT infrastructure

In designing new operating models, we take into account market economics and customise the model to deliver against shareholder expectations, customer needs, and relationships among the constituencies in the organisation’s extended enterprise.

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