Sales-Force Effectiveness

Today’s customers may not always be right, but they certainly know what they want. Both consumers and commercial customers have virtually instant access to product and pricing information, they demand products and services customised to their individual needs, and they expect high levels of service. That makes capturing and retaining their business — and doing so profitably — more challenging than ever.

Our approach examines the end-to-end sales model, from assessment of the Strategic Objectives alignment with the Commercial Policy, through to the establishment of self-service automations. Emphasis is placed on policies, incentives schemes, processes and supporting systems, and we can also provide support in the people-related skills.

Our team of industry and capability experts, can help you:

  • Minimise sales-force administration time and focus on sales activities
  • Set and monitor objectives through technology-enabling solutions
  • Improve customer care times through self-care mechanisms
  • Achieve better reporting
  • Enhance your organisation’s overall Customer Experience

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