Revenue Assurance

In data intensive, technology driven industries, the question isn’t whether revenue is being leaked throughout your end-to-end operating lifecycle, but rather how much is being leaked, how it is captured, and how the root causes that are diluting performance are being addressed.

At PwC, we have developed an integrated intra-company Revenue Assurance and margin-enhancement solution that combines the “traditional” revenue assurance techniques and tools, with the best practice processes and methodologies. 

In order to optimise the assurance over your organisation’s entire revenue lifecycle, our team uses 8 key steps:

  • Analysing of the overall revenue assurance environment
  • Ensuring the whole organisation understands the value proposition of a revenue assurance strategy
  • Choosing and applying a revenue assurance structure
  • Building, acquiring and implementing automated revenue assurance tools
  • Making people in the organisation accountable for revenue assurance
  • Putting simple, quantifiable revenue assurance metrics in place
  • Addressing revenue assurance issues from day one in any new business area
  • Calculating and reporting Revenue Assurance KPI’s to the Board of Directors

Our team is available to meet and discuss with you the right solution for your organisation's needs.

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