Strategic Portfolio Management

Your organisations are probably dealing with unprecedented change driven by factors including the shift in global economic power, generational changes, an ageing population, the digital economy and the emergence of global players disrupting traditional sectors. Despite the uncertain business environment, your organisations still remain under pressure to innovate and grow by successfully executing business strategies.

So, are any of the following important for your organisation’s strategy today:

  • Clarifying, refreshing, or rethinking strategy?
  • Finding new room for growth in your markets?
  • Developing more innovative strategies, or more strategic innovations?
  • Creating value beyond the sum of your parts?

Our practice has a passion for helping organisations execute their strategy, whichever that may be. We can help you choose the optimal set of projects to support you in realising benefits.

While there is no single solution, many organisations can improve performance, curtail costs, reduce risk and earn a greater return on investments through better portfolio management. A successful portfolio management strategy must comprise of an end-to-end framework, aligning your company’s investments, people, and programmes with its overall strategic objectives. It is a continual process that integrates business strategy with operational performance to synchronise resources, strategies, and schedules.

Through a well-structured approach, we will work with you to: 

  • Design, assess and choose available strategic options
  • Identify and exploit untapped market opportunities  
  • Define risk appetite regarding core and non-core activities
  • Set short-term priorities, implement quick fixes and set long-term state
  • Rework organisational structures and practices to become more coherent than competitors
  • Enhance effective and efficient decision-making based on an integrated view of asset portfolios and associated costs (financial and operational costs-benefits)
  • Maximise efficient divestment strategies, taking advantage of the “window of opportunity” in a context of changes in the market environment

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