Post-Merger Integration (PMI) Support

In many ways, one of the most important parts of a deal is its completion because this is where the deal’s benefits and value need to be realised. Too often, though, deals fail to deliver – frequently because of the lack of integration between the business and its newly-acquired asset. 70% of the transactions leave value opportunities and revenue synergies fall off the radar. Put directly, to make a deal work, considerable resources are needed.

Here’s where our in-depth knowledge and experience are put to work for you.

PwC has the core competencies in the fundamental infrastructure areas that form the building blocks of capturing value in a transaction. Our experienced professionals apply their subject-matter and process expertise to help your organisation realise synergies, identify and eliminate redundancies, and position your organisation to achieve transaction objectives.

We can help you deal with:

  • Organisational misalignments and overlapping roles
  • Timely and effective technology integration
  • Accurate, consistent and efficient financial reporting from day one
  • Identification of the most efficient post-deal tax solution and respective systems
  • Continuous compliance with existing and new regulatory requirements
  • Homogeneity and standardisation of activities and control risks
  • Establishment of appropriate business and operating models to serve clients
  • Roll-out of a rigorous integration supporting and monitoring framework

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