Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The successful management of extreme market and demand volatility has become the new mantra of supply chain managers around the globe. Macroeconomic cycles of growth, contraction and recovery have become erratic, making reliable end-to-end supply, logistics, inventory and demand planning increasingly challenging.

In this increasingly globalised and interconnected competitive environment, Supply Chain and Operations must be able to face challenges that require a holistic and coordinated end-to-end overview.

Through our proven frameworks, advanced modeling tools, analytical skills and extensive project experience, we can support your organisation in transforming supply chains into strategic assets. Our approach focuses on four key pillars:

  • Supply Chain Assessment: We can help you measure the alignment of the operating model with strategic imperative, quantify the impact of supply chain improvement opportunities on free cash flow and EBITDA and develop a roadmap to value, thus enabling visibility.
  • Supply Chain Optimisation: Through advanced modeling tools and operations research approaches, we can optimise your core supply chain operations to unlock all underlying potential and value, thus enabling growth.
  • Profit-Focused Planning: With the right process, data, organisation, and technology capabilities, we help clients create an integrated planning environment to allow functions such as Inventory Management, Logistics and Sales work closely and strategically, thus enabling agility.
  • Supply Chain Risk Management: We can assess the risk management maturity and heat-map of your procurement, logistics, manufacturing, planning and forecasting operations, in order to develop the capabilities needed to build resilience in complex, dynamic environments, thus enabling resilience.

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