Fit for Growth

Getting fit to grow is the corporate equivalent of a fitness regimen that focuses, in effect, on building muscle — developing the capabilities that allow a company to outperform — while cutting fat. By contrast, across-the-board cost reduction efforts are the equivalent of crash diets: ineffective because they do not last and at worst can cut into muscle.

Preparing for effective and sustainable growth requires the following essential elements:

  • Setting clear priorities by focusing on differentiating capabilities that will make your organisation unique
  • Optimising costs in alignment with corporate strategy and releasing resources to fund distinctive capabilities that are strategically important for growth
  • Re-organising to establish an agile, well-aligned organisation that can execute and sustain strategic priorities

“Fit for Growth” is a diagnostic tool, combining our deep industry expertise with cross-industry capabilities to help you recognise which of your organisation’s unique capabilities you need to focus on.

Calculating your Fit for Growth index allows us to take an end-to-end view across the entire value chain to identify those interventions that are truly essential for sustainable growth and provide you with tailored recommendations based on your unique starting point.

Finally, by combining our various service offerings and cross-industry expertise, we can help you undertake your business transformation journey.

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