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Profitability and Cost Review

Increasing cost pressure from management forces the Finance Function to re-think their costing practices and overall cost management. Single and reactive initiatives and measures often fail, so it’s important that companies take a fresh look to tackle the cost agenda.

The business challenge for many companies is to reduce complexity, while creating differentiated product and service propositions and increasing value throughout the supply chain. It’s critical to understand the cost base, cost drivers and the impact and materiality of those to the business, allowing them to exploit performance improvement potential, both in operational and financial terms.

We can help you with

  • Cost baseline analysis
  • Sustainable Cost Reduction
  • Cost management and control, improvement and sustainability
  • Costing method review, implementation and monitoring
  • Profitability Management


  • PwC is a trusted advisor and costing expert in the postal and retail industry in several countries.
  • For a postal operator, we have achieved a 30% decrease in tied-up cash in its retail network, improving at the same time revenue and profitability margin.

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