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Finance Visioning

At a time when growth opportunities are hard to identify and execute, Finance functions are increasingly challenged to provide their organisations with a strategic edge. The challenges from new and existing stakeholders around external communication and reporting, are also putting increased pressure on Finance at a time when minimising costs is important. This downturn has highlighted the need for businesses to be able to access effective management information to make critical decisions. The current business and regulatory climate presents a unique opportunity for companies to revisit and transform the role of the Finance function.

We help clients strike the right balance between insight, efficiency, and compliance and control during their transformation. When these three issues are balanced, the Finance function is in a position to transform its role within the business.

What we can do for you
  • Improve alignment between the finance vision, strategy and operating model, as well as the overall business strategy
  • Increase the efficiency of the Finance function and reduce costs
  • Design a relationship-oriented structure that emphasises networks over hierarchy and collaboration over control
  • Eliminate business complexity and redundant structures
  • Assess the appropriate delivery model to deliver routine, high volume transaction processing with economies of scale
  • Align finance skills and responsibilities to stakeholder needs
  • Incorporate change management activities into every phase of a transformation program
Our Offerings
  • Finance Function Effectiveness Diagnostic Review
  • Finance Function Policies & Procedures
  • Finance Function Organisational Structure
  • Benchmarking on Finance Function

For our client, one of the largest media organisations in Greece, we completed the successful assessment and redesign of the Finance Function policies, procedures and organisational structure, as well as Internal Audit.

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