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Real success lies in partnership and collaboration

At PwC, we offer a wide spectrum of outsourcing services in the finance and accounting area and work with companies of all sizes. We are located in Athens, with a branch in Salonica, plus sizeable on-site finance outsourcing engagements across the country. Our larger engagements operate in a wide range of industries, and we provide comprehensive finance outsourcing solutions from our offices, across the country.

Greece’s fast-changing environment in terms of business, regulatory and technology requirements is forcing companies to seek new ways to comply and at the same time satisfy business demands in a competitive way. 

Outsourcing enables a company to allocate management resources better, accelerate the capture of savings and guarantee part or all of those savings through contractual commitments to cost and service targets, thereby reducing a company’s risk. Integrated outsourcing can help companies gain benefits beyond cost reduction and drive high performance.

Here at PwC, we provide tailored outsourcing solutions to meet your business needs, either at your location or remotely. We aim to help you add value to your organisation by providing the following strategic benefits:

  • Reduce business risk by transferring liability to us
  • Focus on core business and gain a competitive edge with sophisticated technology and people
  • Enhance risk management with rigorous disaster recovery mechanisms and detailed back up plans
  • High quality services tailored to your needs
  • Benchmarking to world-class process performance
  • Access to world-class capabilities
  • No staff problems, i.e. turnover, HR Management, training
  • Free up internal resources for mission-critical activities
  • Innovative solutions evolved from extensive expertise
  • Access to cutting-edge technology solutions / Accelerate migration to new technology
  • Lower infrastructure capital investment as expensive infrastructure requirements are cut back drastically

Our 120 dedicated outsourcing professionals have experience across a wide spectrum of industry groups, in the areas of:

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