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PwC Greece's response to the novel COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the upheaval it caused to peoples’ lives, families and communities and its continued health threat, it also has a significant impact on businesses and the economy. We are working to help them prepare and respond to all challenges related to the pandemic and its effects.

Staying close to the market

We are keeping our clients and the market informed by sharing updates regarding developments and insights. 

Tax and legal measures to address the negative effects of the occurrence of COVID-19

We hereby present the most important measures either formally adopted by a Legislative Act (LA) or announced by the Government to address the negative effects of the occurrence of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Payroll & Benefits Solutions related to COVID-19

We stay next to our clients, sharing newsletters based on the most recent COVID-19 legal issues in Greece that are directly related to taxation and payroll. 


Our leaders' opinion on the top emerging challenges 

We are committed to providing informed opinions and insights on issues affecting businesses and industries in Greece, especially during this time. Below you may find a list of opinion pieces written by our experts, that have been published across different greek media and are related to COVID-19 challenges.


The response of the Greek companies to the pandemic 

Our Greek report documents and analyses the effects of the pandemic on the Greek economy and more specifically on listed companies that are undoubtedly an integral part of country’s production process.

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Supporting our society

We are working closely with organisations in Greece and abroad to help them prepare and respond to challenges related to the pandemic and its effects. During all this time, we are focusing on the below categories, offering our support:

Health care 

  • Technical equipment to hospitals for ICUs 
  • 13 blood donations, 534 blood units


  • Support of children with disabilities 
  • Food Drive: Support of Shedia, elderly, young underprivileged people, Asylo Aniaton 
  • PwC’s virtual Bazaar with our employees' participation

New World New Skills

  • The Tipping Point: Our participation started in March 1, 2020 with 27 PwC volunteers at all levels 
  • Digital upskilling and soft skills: Supported 6 schools, 140 students

New World New Skills: Other upskilling activities 

  • Contribution to SEN Junior Achievement 
  • Students, startups, NGOs upskilling 
  • Support of Antivirus crowdhackathon and the development of a selective solution while also providing them mentoring sessions 

Taking care of our people

Since the beginning of the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which rapidly evolved into a significant challenge for the entire world, the safety of our people has been our top priority and continues to be our main focus, while maintaining high quality services for our clients. PwC Greece continues to take considered actions in line with those indicated by the National Public Health Organization (EODY)   to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our people, clients, guests, suppliers and contractors.

In these new circumstances, we continue to understand the importance and benefits of managing resilient and recoverable operations to service our clients. We have designed the most important aspects of how we deliver client service to be fault tolerant, minimizing any single points of failure. From how we use technology, operate engagement teams and utilize internal PwC services, our operations are highly resilient and secure. We recognise however that even enhanced resilience has its limitations. 



Since the outbreak of the pandemic, PwC has proved to have an established Business Continuity Management Program to prepare, respond, and recover from various types of operational threats as well as a business continuity management system that is independently assessed and certified to: ISO 22301:2012, the International Standard for Business Continuity, to reduce the potential impact of a pandemic event on client work.

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