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CFA® Level 1 training program from PwC’s Academy in Georgia

What is CFA®?

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) charter is an investment credential which is granted by the CFA® Institute to investment and finance professionals. CFA® program is recognized worldwide for its focus on current investment knowledge, analytical skills and ethical standards. It is one of the most respected finance credentials in the world.

 Benefits of obtaining the qualification:

  • Instant recognition. As CFA® charter is known and respected worldwide, obtaining it provides you with instant credibility among finance professionals
  • Career advancement.  Holding the qualification makes you more desirable for many positions.
  • Leading body of knowledge. By mastering the CFA® program’s curriculum, you get access to the leading technical knowledge in finance.


CFA® Level 1 - 23 June 2018 exam registration

       Please see the program details on the Institute website

In order to sit the exam, you will need to register with CFA® Institute directly. 

Who should attend ?

The CFA® qualification is ideal for you if you want to or are already working in a finance role and wish to be professionally qualified to succeed in current practice, investment theory, and ethical and professional standards to provide investment analysis and portfolio management skills.

Why PwC Academy?

  • Professional trainings provider since 2010 in Georgia
  • Qualified tutors, experienced in their subject
  • Ongoing improvement and updating of the training materials, methodology and techniques
  • Support of participants by the tutors throughout the period of their study

Pre-course requirements

To start СFA® training, we advise you to have, in addition to good working knowledge of English, at least background knowledge in the topics below:

Accounting: basic double entry and construction of simple balance sheets and income statements.

Statistics: measures of central tendency (arithmetic mean, geometric mean) and dispersion (variance, standard deviation, etc.), basic probability concepts, common probability distributions (binomial, uniform, normal)

Economics: basic concepts of microeconomic models of demand and supply and the determination of the equilibrium price and quantity

Please note that courses will be conducted in English (with the ability to ask questions in Georgian)

Mandatory Requirement

The training course requires to hold the special calculator: Texas Instruments BA II Plus (including BA II Plus professional) or Hewlett Packard 12C

Structure of the training program

► Interim meetings — sessions spread over three months. Most of the syllabus is covered with numerous practice questions.

► Interim monitoring tests — after finalizing each topic students are to write interim tests in order to check their studies progression

► Revision — intensive revision course during which all topics are briefly revised and candidates practice exam-level questions.

► Mock exam — before the exam, candidates take Mock Exam, which is intended to be fully representative of the likely CFA® examination. The mock exam is conducted under exam conditions and its purpose is to give the candidates feedback before the real thing.

Program also includes:

► In-Class Courses

► Theory + Practical examples – 110 hours

► Revision – 40 hours

► Individual Consultations

► Course Materials especially written for PwC students 

Training Fee:

CFA® Level I In- Class Course for June 2018 exam       
Registration to be done before:  18 December 2017
Price2: 5,980 GEL3
Payment terms: In advance 50% of the fee is to be covered before 24 January 2018 Final payment of 50% is to be covered before 1 April 2018 

2Please note that VAT (18%) will be added to the total cost. 

3Course price includes:

► Participation of one person in the training program.

► Materials developed in-house, including MS PowerPoint slides.

► Participation in Mock exam.

► Coffee breaks.

No additional fees for materials - CFA® Level I :

Our program is designed to help you understand every learning outcome statement included in the CFA® curriculum so that you get the maximum marks. We provide you with the very best course materials written especially for PwC students in addition to study texts, question bank and online resources. Our course materials are designed to help the learning process: graphic-rich slides and exam-style question banks complement our lecturer’s lively presentations, a progress test every few weeks ensures that you stay up to speed, in addition to a full mock exam after the revision course.


Registration deadline is January 18, 2018.

For additional information see the attached booklet below.

If you have any administrative questions, please contact Irma Gogotishvili. For questions related to the content of the program or eligibility, please contact Nino Kadagishvili.

Contact us

Irma Gogotishvili
Marketing and Communications
Tel: +995 32 250 8050

Nino Kadagishvili
Program Manager
Tel: +995 32 250 8076

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