Sustainability – an opportunity for growth

The sustainability agenda for the manufacturing sector has moved decisively from a checklist of defensive measures to a menu of growth opportunities. Leading manufacturers’ priorities now include innovating in response to the sustainability agenda – producing new products and winning market share. They are differentiating themselves and gaining competitive advantage by:

  • developing environmentally friendly products to help customers reduce their carbon footprint
  • using technologies which reduce carbon emissions to ease the impact of regulation
  • working to improve the carbon footprint of their shipping and logistics process
  • positioning their brands as environmentally responsible through the use of eco-labelling.

Our publication ‘Different Shades of Green’ assesses the impact of the carbon agenda after the Copenhagen Climate Summit across the Industrial Products sector, accompanied by an Industrial Manufacturing Supplement, which reviews the approach ten leading global manufacturers’ are taking to climate change.

Visit our Sustainability & Climate Change Industrial Manufacturing site to read more about the business opportunities, and access case studies illustrating what your competitors are achieving.

How PwC can help you

PwC has over 20 years of experience working with clients around the world on the entire breadth of the sustainability agenda. We’ve developed and tested a range of methods and processes to help companies identify the relevance of sustainability and integrate it into strategy and operations, realise related opportunities to grow revenues and reduce costs, and manage sustainability-related risks.