Waiting for the next wave
3D entertainment 2012

Waiting for the next wave: 3D entertainment 2012 provides an analysis of 3D entertainment markets covering 3D films, 3D television and other 3D screens, such as smartphones and tablets. The report offers a 3D screens’ penetration forecast, interviews with players around the world and looks at the impact of 3D entertainment on film studios, game studios, broadcasters, pay-TV operators, network operators and main entertainment screens.

Looking back over the past two years in the 3D entertainment market, we now see a lull in an industry that appears to have lost momentum and faces strong headwinds. The early success of 3D and the record-breaking accomplishments of Avatar in 2009 led to overexcitement and, in many cases, too much mediocre content that could not justify the premium prices that cinemas charged for 3D.

In the field of 3D TV, access to 3D programs has not kept pace with the extremely rapid adoption of 3D TVs, and other 3D screens such as smartphones or tablets still remain in their infancy.