Automotive Tax Insights: Assessing Tax Rate Benchmarking 2012

Tax rate benchmarking can give valuable data and insight into companies' tax functions. The study incorporates company data for 55 companies for accounting periods ending in 2011. Thirty-six companies in the study had calendar year-ends, 10 companies had March year-ends, and the remainder had year-ends at other times during the year. Data for 2011 were not available for one company at the time the study was completed; for 2010 and 2009 all data were available. The companies included in the study are listed at the end of this article.

The study benchmarked the effective tax rate (ETR) and examined some of the key drivers of those rates. It provides you an overview of the ETRs, and insight on how your company's ETR compares to your peers. Knowing where you stand in comparison with those around you is an invaluable asset, especially during a time of rapid change.