It pays to be careful in case of business trips

In the beginning of this year the Supreme Court of Estonia adjudicated on a matter which changes the current understanding about the law applicable to employees who are dispatched abroad. According to the decision it may be necessary to apply the law and working conditions of another country even in cases where the applicable law is established by the employment contract. Therefore we advise employees, who have to stay abroad frequently due to the nature of their work, to verify whether the applicable law is foreign or not.

Competition restrictions in sale contracts can cause a lot of problems

The common practice when acquiring a company is to add a clause which restricts competition. Such a clause prescribes that during a certain time period after the sale and in an agreed field of activity, the seller will not compete neither with the company being sold or the acquirer. These kinds of agreements are automatically not prohibited, however they are often on the borderline of being in contradiction with competition law.

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