Global CEO’s need to accept the uncertainties as new normal

Global CEO Survey, the results of which were published in January at the Davos’ World Economic Forum by the audit and consultancy firm PwC, indicates that today’s CEOs face a business environment that’s becoming increasingly complicated to read and adapt to. Seven years on from the global financial crisis, the business landscape still hasn’t really returned to what it was. In fact, the level of worry is higher today than at any point in the past five years.

The glass half-full

For almost 20 years, PwC has been conducting global CEO surveys in order to get their perspective on economic development and business climate. For the latest survey that was unveiled recently in the Davos Economic Forum, more than 1,300 CEOs from 68 countries were interviewed. A similar survey that we carried out at the same time among Estonian CEOs showed that most of them are convinced that despite certain insecurity, the „glass” should still be regarded as half-full rather than half-empty.

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