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Findings from the 2023 Global Digital Trust Insights

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It’s a bold new world in business.

Driven by events no one could have foreseen, leaders in recent years have pushed their companies and themselves beyond their comfort zone: out of the office to remote workplaces; into the cloud; along chains of supply that are nearly completely digital. And with each new venture has come new cyber risks.

Our latest findings from our 2023 Global Digital Trust Insights survey-reflecting the views of over 3,500 business, security and IT leaders across various industries across 60+ territories shows that Cybersecurity has become a dynamic field, rapidly adjusting and shifting to keep apace with business inventiveness.

CISO are seizing the initiative getting the go-ahead to truly lead — to step out of their independent cyber-specialist role and into one of partnering with not just with a few executives, but throughout the entire C-suite and Board. These collaborations have never been more critical.

46% of CEOs want to empower the CISO to collaborate with the C-Suite on security next year. It’s exactly what’s needed for the tougher challenges ahead. How can each of you continue to make a difference? Where should CISOs and cyber teams wield influence for the greatest effect?

The C-suite playbook on cybersecurity and privacy, featuring our latest survey Global Digital Trust Insights, highlights what lies ahead in 2023 and how executives can work together for cyber-ready futures.

C-suite playbook on cybersecurity and privacy

Explore how senior executives ally with the CISO on cyber decisions and activities to realize their organisation’s growth plans.

Explore the survey findings

About the survey

The 2023 Global Digital Trust Insights is a survey of 3,522 business, technology, and security executives (CEOs, corporate directors, CFOs, CISOs, CIOs, and C-Suite officers) conducted in July and August 2022. Female executives make up 31% of the sample.

Fifty-two percent of respondents are executives in large companies ($1 billion and above in revenues); 16% are in companies with $10 billion or more in revenues. 

Respondents operate in a range of industries: Industrial manufacturing (24%), Tech, media, telecom (21%), Financial services (20%), Retail and consumer markets (18%), Energy, utilities, and resources (9%), Health (5%), and Government and public services (3%).

Respondents are based in various regions: Western Europe (31%), North America (28%), Asia Pacific (18%), Latin America (12%), Eastern Europe (5%), Africa (4%), and Middle East (3%) .

The Global Digital Trust Insights Survey is formally known as the Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS).

PwC Research, PwC’s global Centre of Excellence for market research and insight, conducted this survey.

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