Management and Business skills

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Take advantage of our open courses especially focused on key areas of management skills!

About the courses

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Soft skills seminars are designed to help participants to set up their targets in the area of personal and managerial development. All seminars are highly interactive and utilise the best soft skills techniques and models.


Who should attend?

The trainings are aimed at almost everyone – whether people in leading positions who want to successfully manage, coach and motivate others, or any other employees who simply want to raise their own potential by communicating effectively.


Benefits of open courses

  • Our tutors are experienced PwC professionals in coaching, motivation and both individual and team leading
  • Participants will get the chance to share their experiences with other people from across different positions, companies and areas of business

The participants will learn how to:

  • Show proper styles of performance management in contemporary conditions
  • Maximise the team potential and to get the most out of individual team members as well
  • Be effective when interacting with different personality types
  • Promote desired changes in behaviour and put knowledge into practice


Dates & details

Negotiation Skills

27–28 APRIL | For individuals who want to prepare for situations that involve negotiations they may encounter and to develop their capability of running effective negotiations, which lead to building strong relationships with clients and provide new business opportunities. By the end of the course, participants will be able to use the techniques and skills required for successful negotiations and become more confident about their abilities to negotiate.

People Management and Motivation

4–5 MAY | This course is very useful for those who need to organise and manage other people, lead them on the job formally and informally, motivate them and deliver team results. The interactive two-day programme will give you not only knowledge but also experience and will cover all key managerial skills such as planning, setting goals, leading, communication, motivation, checking and feedback within the team.

SDI Workshop

15 MAY | Wouldn’t it be great if your colleagues or clients came with an instruction manual on their working style? The SDI is NOT just another “personality test.” It’s a self-scoring motivational assessment tool that provides an understanding of what drives you and what drives others. By the end of the course, you will get your own SDI assessment profile to understand your strengths, the way you act in conflict situations and an effective way of dealing with people with different profiles.

Presentation Skills

17–18 MAY | This highly interactive course is aimed at presenters who want to improve their skills and techniques in planning and delivering presentations. There will be short inputs, discussions and activity sessions to practise techniques and build skills/style flexibility. The majority of the course is focused on the participants actually doing and exchanging feedback on different types of presentation to put these new ideas into practice.

Communication Skills

24 MAY | Good communication skills require you to know where you are now, where you are going and how to get there. After the course you should be able to structure the communication so it is understood. The key to this course is learning how to listen rather than talk. This course also focuses on the quality of verbal and non-verbal expression. We will teach you how to make good team deals and basic rules of decision-making mechanisms.


28 JUNE | There is a misunderstanding that assertiveness is the ability to succeed at any cost. It is instead a healthy and mature attitude toward the world around us. A person, who acts assertively, is capable of explaining what he wants and what he thinks. A person like this can listen to others and make compromises, and also ask for a favour and do a favour for others. This course will teach you how to get your way and how to say “no” to unacceptable demands. After the course you will be able to distinguish between aggressive, passive, and manipulating behaviours and how to effectively prevent them. We will teach you how to communicate your opinions and demands to others and, finally, you will be able to make decisions and get your way.

Coaching in the Workplace

TO BE CONFIRMED | This workshop helps participants to identify and practice the core skills of coaching and to put them into practice in a safe but real environment. They will primarily develop skills in using a non-directive approach to managing and leading people. By the end of the course, participants will be able to understand the key coaching models and techniques as well as start using coaching as part of everyday life, formal and informal situations and alongside management processes.

Influencing Skills

TO BE CONFIRMED | This two-day programme is for individuals who need to influence others effectively in a complex, multi-cultured environment. The course is very interactive and will focus on recognising predominant influence styles, behaviours and individual barriers to influence, as well as practicing and utilising relevant skills in various situations and increasing options and confidence when influencing others.

Time Management

TO BE CONFIRMED | Learn to manage your energy and time - for individuals who want to become knowledgeable about personal and team time-management techniques and simply organise their working time more effectively. The course objectives involve diagnosing your own time management style, identifying priorities, facing various tasks from different people, and planning work effectively according to time schedules.

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