PwC CEO Survey 2020: Focus On The Future

We have carried out the CEO Survey for 11 years already. On a yearly basis, the CEO Survey brings a new insight into the perception of Czech business while covering topics which are generally discussed, mapping trends on the Czech business scene and comparing them with the trends of other countries.

Topics of the 11th CEO Survey

Where is Czech and global economy heading?

How do Czech businesses deal with cyber security?

How are Czech companies getting ready for digital future of employment?

Which technologies are the most cost-effective?

How do the CEOs assess the 30 years of freedom and business?

Archive of the past years of the Czech CEO Survey:


PwC Czech Republic follows the PwC CEO Survey global study, the outcomes of which are presented every year at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Archive of the past years of the global CEO Survey.


Aleš Černý

Aleš Černý

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Ondřej Simon

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