Surveys & Analyses

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The following is a list of analyses and surveys, covering a wide range of issues of interest to professionals working or investing in the Czech Republic.

Key Surveys

Industry Issues


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PayWell 2015 is a regular remuneration study prepared by PwC. It maps trends in total salaries, including the variable pay, in the Czech Republic.

The HR Controlling 2015 survey helps you to see and manager the "world of HR" in numbers. It shows you effectiveness of your sources and benchmark of HR indicators across sectors.

Managing tomorrow's people
Publication series

The Future of Work – A journey to 2022 This report takes you on a journey to 2022 and explores how the changing business landscape will impact your people management strategy. What path will you take?


PwC's Economic Views
This is a gateway to a wide range of economic and sector research reports, produced by our specialised research teams, that provide up-to-date analysis of recent developments and forecasts in the world’s major economies.

Vision 2050
The report provides estimates of the global order of magnitude of potential additional sustainability-related business opportunities in key sectors in 2050. The report does not include country specific information but has sector breakdowns of the likely potential opportunities that the sustainability agenda brings.

Seizing the day: The impact of the global financial crisis on cities and local public services
The report – based on interviews with local government leaders in 22 countries - outlines the challenges and opportunities facing local leaders following the onset of the global financial crisis, and sets out views on the future for cities and local governments and successful ways for local leaders to act.