We continue fulfilling our philanthropic promise

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Our Christmas card has a socially responsible subtext

To keep our philanthropic promise, the wishes will have a socially responsible subtext. The pictures used were painted by a handicapped artist. The funds we paid for these cards will be used for organizations dedicated to developing the talents of disabled persons in collaboration with professional artists in order to facilitate their integration into everyday life and helping them to find a way to self-realization.

Our Christmas motif was painted by Petr Šrámek, a man who has lived his life since birth without the use of his limbs. Despite that, he learned, under the guidance of the organization mentioned above, how to control his legs in a number of situations in everyday life and how to paint with his feet. He was not given the ability to speak, so he uses his paintings to communicate with others. His boundless will, ambition and patience prove to the public that a person with a disability does not have to be passive in life, but can be creative and he can succeed.

Our Christmas Charity Financial Collection is taking place. And this year we have decided to give funds that were allocated for buying gifts for clients to those who need it the most.

The actual information about our Christmas Charity will be presented at the end of this year.


Community engagement

As in previous years, we decided within our Charity initiative to give money instead of gifts to those who need it the most, using the funds that had been allocated for buying gifts for clients. At the same time, we have organised the 12th season of the traditional employee Christmas Charity.


How does it work?

The employees of PwC CR contributed financially to support the selected non-profit organisations. Although the overall amount is combined from several resources, the biggest one is the financial contributions from the employees and PwC’s matching donation. The Christmas Charity is also augmented by a special Christmas fundraising breakfast where PwC volunteers sell their home-made goods to their colleagues. The proceeds from the event are then added to the charity collection. Last but not least, the amount that had been allocated for buying gifts for clients during the previous year is added to this collection.

PwC - Charity Instead of Gifts

PwC Christmas fundraising breakfast

12th season of Christmas Charity PwC CR, the philanthropic financial collection among employees

We managed to raise CZK 370 thousand before Christmas 2013, which we will divide between 6 selected non-profit organisations. The first 5 organisations are our long-term partners. The last one was nominated by our colleague, who is supporting this organisation as a volunteer. The final division of the donations reflects the preferences of individual contributors.

A symbolic cheque was handed over by Jiří Moser

On Monday 16 December 2013, JUDr. Marie Vodičková, Director of the Fund for Children in Need, accepted our financial donation in the amount of CZK 110,000. A symbolic cheque was handed over by Jiří Moser. FOD is your most preferred organisation. We have been supporting it for the past 10 years, donating in total over CZK 1.8 million.

“I would like to thank PwC and its employees for their long-term support. We really appreciate this interest. This year’s contribution will be used to organise a summer camp for kids from foster families and from the “Klokanek” program. This way we help children who have gone through a traumatic family event in the past to experience some positive moments by sending them for a stay outdoors during the summer holiday,” said Ms Vodičková.

More information about FOD can be found on www.fod.cz.

Our interest is that our philanthropic activities should be linked to our main vision, which is to have an impact on leading and inspiring the development of the talents, education and self-confidence of the clients of NGOs. That’s why we’ve decided to support educational projects and activities for personal development within our long-term NPO partners.



The Fund for Children in Need

110 000

Summer camp organisation

We would like to help with the operations of a summer camp for kids from foster families and from the “Klokanek” program. This way we help children who have gone through a traumatic family event in the past to experience some positive moments by sending them for a stay outdoors during the summer holidays.

We will support those activities which will help them naturally interact with other kids, relax, enjoy themselves and encourage their positive future development.

House of Three Wishes

60 000

Opening of the “Mezipatro” children centre

The House of Three Wishes has decided to open a development centre which will be a unique space providing support and social-therapeutic mentoring for kids and their families. The centre is primarily intended for kids aged 3 to 18 who are faced with an unfavourable family situation. Beginning this September, children together with counsellors can start using the specially tailored development program, which includes tutoring, applied arts programs and physical activities. Further programs are planned based on the demand and the children’s capabilities.

The centre will also provide counselling on parent-child communication. These new programs will create a synergy with the individual therapy provided by the outpatient centre and help bring a higher probability of success in dealing with family crises.

Archdiocese Charity - Asylum House Gloria

60 000

Educational programs for women in Asylum House

We would like to support the educational programs that Asylum House provides to its clients and their children. Here, women are learning how to recreate a healthy relationship with their kids shortly after a traumatic experience.

The therapy focuses on developing the following skills: how to take care of yourself and your children, how to run a household, how to find a job, how to be economical, how to bring up children and how to spend free time.

The important part of the therapy is to help women get back their sense of self-confidence and courage to start over. The goal is to get the clients back on their feet and able to provide a good life for themselves and their children.

Rozmarýna - Café Bazaar

60 000

Job creation

This year we would like to support a new client, Monika, who started working at the cafe as a support chef. During the 12-month trainee program at Café Bazaar, she would like to gain some job experience, as this will be important for her once she starts looking for a permanent position.

She would also like to rent an apartment in Prague. An important part of Monika’s training is the social-therapeutic support from a counsellor who will help her get through her unfavourable life situation. Thanks to the trainee program, Monika has one year to prepare herself for future adult life.

The Strahov monastery library

50 000

Support for the Strahov monastery library

The manuscripts and the entire book collection of the Strahov monastery library are part of the Czech national and cultural heritage.

In order to preserve the collection, the depository should be renovated. The electrical wiring in the library is from the 1950s. The vault where the manuscripts are placed doesn’t have a temperature regulation system. Thus, we are supporting the preservation of our heritage with our donation.

Safety Line Association

30 000

Free hotline for children who need help

Linka Bezpečí is a free hotline for children and young people which helps them to solve their problems.

Pavlína Zlevská, who nominated this project, has been working there for more than five years as a consultant providing crisis intervention in a wide range of life situations.

The helpline receives more than 2,000 calls per day, of which more than 600 are put through to a consultant who tries to find the best solution for each child’s individual issue.




Additional information:

Old clothes collection in a different way

The last part of our philanthropic activities is the traditional clothing drive. This year, it was organised a little bit differently compared to the previous years.

We have supported the social enterprise Forewear, the winner of the Social Impact Award competition, which PwC CR also supports.

Forewear is a very interesting project: its aim is to collect old clothes in companies, then take the unusable clothes and produce recycled material which they make promotional materials from (such as covers for computers, phones and notebooks). This recycled material can be designed according to the visual identity of client companies, or they use contemporary designers to help them prepare attractive looks for the final products’ material – have a look here.

PwC CR not only gave them mentoring and helped them with their business idea, but also collected old clothes for them to start their business. Currently, the first recycled material is in production, and the first promotional materials designed specifically for PwC have already been created. Forewear’s first products were launched at the Christmas market, which was organised at the PwC CR headquarters.

PwC - Charity Instead of Gifts

Charitable Christmas market at City Green Court: On the right side, the Country Managing Partner of PwC Czech Republic, Jiří Moser, is looking at the first products of Forewear, which were produced from the clothing drive of PwC’s employees. Next to him are Pavel Heřmanský, PR Manager PwC CR; Pavla Zemanová, CSR Coordinator PwC CR; Markéta Borecká and Zuzka Jurová from Forewear.

“We have managed to be at the beginning of the development of this beneficial project, which processes old unusable clothes,” said Mr Jiří Moser, Country Managing Partner of PwC CR. “The products created from the recycled material could be nicely used for the promotion of companies, which supports the sustainable business approach.”

We donated the old clothes which were still usable to the charitable organisation Borůvka Praha o.p.s, which is focusing on support for the children and young people with physical handicaps from the specialised school Jedličkovův ústav, which is our neighbour. Borůvka is running the charitable shop Koloběh, where all collected old clothes are sold.

Information for NGOs looking for help

We are not operating with any extra CSR budget, only with the financial donations from our Christmas philanthropic collection among our employees. We support our long-term partners with the collected donations – see above.


Would you like to offer a partnership to PwC CR or ask for a donation?

We would like to dedicate our support to our main theme: development of the talents, education and self-confidence of youth who were socially or physically disadvantaged (the NGOs which we currently support help their clients in this aim; that’s why we’re donating our collected money to their educational programs and activities)

If your activity is related to our vision, please contact our CSR coordinator. We will evaluate the possibility of our support and cooperation and reply to your offer.