Managing and conducting corporate finance and accounting

Our experienced and qualified professionals can also work for you.

Do you need to fill a vacancy in your financial department for a specified period?

Do you have specific requirements regarding working time?
Do you want to be sure that you acquire an employee with the relevant qualifications who will quickly take on all the necessary responsibilities and duties?

Currently, a range of companies are facing new demands in work-time management. New projects arise that require hiring of new employees. Times arise in which the volume of work exceeds the capacity of your current team. Changes occur due to maternity leave or it is necessary to quickly fill current or new employment positions. In order to guarantee that the implementation of those changes does not weaken the market position of your company, it is vital to react flexibly and to ensure that newly selected employees are not just professionals in their field but also that they take on their working responsibilities in a short period of time and start to function completely independently without the necessity of excess supervision.
Do you also have this kind of need in your company?

We have a solution for you

  • An analysis of your situation done together with you
  • A selection of professionals with relevant qualifications and experience in the field of accounting and audit gained in our company, in which they have passed a range of professional trainings and continuous education
  • Proposal for optimum inclusion of new employees in your current organisational structure, assistance in defining job content or distributing tasks in a department

What service we offer

  • Reinforcement of the financial department during a period when increased requirements are placed on professionalism or there has been an increase in the volume of tasks
  • Replacement of your employee during an absence (due to maternity leave, short-term employment attachments elsewhere, or for different reasons)
  • Securing experienced professionals to work on projects (e.g. transition to IFRS, entering the stock exchange etc.)
  • Also support of your financial department in other cases

For which types of employment positions

  • Conducting accounting (according to Czech or international regulations – IFRS) and controlling in the financial department
  • From positions requiring only a few years of working experience up to management
  • Executive positions even with broad decision-making authority

What you gain

  • An employee with the relevant qualification level
  • Immediate takeover of employment and assumption of responsibilities and duties
  • Replacement of an employee during regular training or illness
  • Price comparable to your current employee costs
  • Experience in the field of assurance services
  • Expertise and professionalism (relevant qualification, continuous professional education, employee access to consultations with our experts)
  • Contract duration from several weeks up to one year

We will find a suitable solution even for you! 


Mike Jennings

Mike Jennings

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Martina Kučová

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