Employee opinion surveys

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Our approach to employee opinion surveys consists of these steps:

  • Analysis of the reasons “what” and “why” the company wants to find out
  • Survey preparation – setting survey objectives and areas surveyed in cooperation with the company management
  • Questionnaires preparation – setting the survey form (printed or on-line questionnaire, interviews), question formulation
  • Communication – assistance with communication plan preparation and implementation supporting the response rate and ensuring the output quality. Necessity to inform employees at all levels.
  • Data collection – questionnaire distribution and collection
  • Data analysis and processing – statistical data processing using the newest technologies and both qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Final report preparation, recommendations and results presentation – final report includes statistics on each question, departmental comparison, comparison with best practice, identification of weak and strong points and recommendation for improvement
  • Action plan preparation, change implementation – support during action plan preparation based on previous project experience
  • Assessment of change effectiveness – regular repetition of the survey every 12 – 18 months enables assessment of the effectiveness of the implemented changes and tracking of the company culture change