PayWell: Remuneration trends in the Czech Republic

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PayWell is a regular remuneration study prepared by PwC. It maps trends in base pay, total salaries and employee benefits in more than 700 job positions. The percentile filter method ensures that only representative and statistically significant data enter the analysis.

The survey outputs are an important tool for effective remuneration planning in companies striving to succeed in the competition for recruiting, retaining, and motivating high-quality employees. They are also helpful in reviewing the remuneration strategy (including the classification of job positions), the preparation of the budget for staff costs, the set-up of the salary structure and salary levels, the identification of in-kind incentives, the proposed solutions for tax optimisation, or the link between remuneration and evaluation of employee performance.


PayWell – Remuneration planning tool

  • Up-to-date and complex remuneration data
  • Remuneration trends
  • Employee benefits
  • Transparent interactive outputs in Czech and English versions

PayWell outputs are available online in both Czech and English languages. The complete outputs contain:

1. Salary Analysis

  • A complete salary analysis (average, median, lower and upper quartile, lower and upper decile) for over 700 positions
  • A regional and sector salary analysis in a user-friendly format on one A4 page (Job Page, pdf 592 KB)
  • Salary structure: fixed and variable pay (i.e., information about bonuses)
  • An interactive comparison of salary level according to the market of your choice
  • An analysis based on the PwC job evaluation methodology (IFA/JOSS method)

2. Information about employee benefits provided in the Czech market

  • A comprehensive analysis of employee benefits, listed by employee category and also by particular sector
  • Tax implications as a consequence of current legislature
  • Costs associated with provision of benefits
  • Companies’ intentions in the area of staff benefits

3. Trends in remuneration

  • Planned salary increases
  • Principles for paying out performance-related pay
  • Other applied forms of remuneration

Additional information about PayWell

Application to participate in the survey

If you are interested in participating in the PayWell, or in purchasing the final report, please do not hesitate to contact us on our HOTLINE + 420 251 152 670.

If you are interested in a face-to-face meeting with a detailed introduction of the study, please do not hesitate to contact us.