HR Processes Audit and Optimisation

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Our company has at its disposal an international methodology for assessing HR department effectiveness and the effectiveness of particular HR processes.

The methodology consists of these basic modules:

  • Voice of the customer – opinion, experience and satisfaction of HR process customers
  • HR delivery model – identification of the HR model used in the company – assesses its effectiveness and cost reduction possibilities
  • HR scorecard and benchmarking – provides a picture of HR management influence on the company results from the perspectives of financial management and employee behaviour and engagement
  • HR activity analysis– assessment of activities being undertaken by HR staff according to four categories: strategy, consultancy, advisory, and administration
  • HR capability – competence model based on strategic priorities in connection with HR marketing, resourcing, learning, performance management, remuneration, project management, etc.
  • Structured interviews (focus groups) – system of structured interviews with defined stakeholders

HR effectiveness

Our methodology enables a company to set up or evaluate its HR function and contribution to company goals. It could also be used to structure discussion about the expectations of the HR function and the benchmarking of the HR function as a whole or a particular process thereof. The results of each part of this methodology can be compared with market data.