Strategy consulting

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Commercial Due Diligence

  • If a company or a private equity fund is considering an acquisition of a company, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of current and projected performance of the target company.
  • In such cases, PwC provides a Commercial Due Diligence Report, which includes a complex revision of business plans of the target company in the context of expected market conditions and competition in the given industry.
  • Due to close cooperation with our experts on financial and operational due diligence, the conclusions of our reports provide a very comprehensive view of the planned transaction.

Strategic Analysis

  • We identify opportunities for improvement of competitiveness in supply chain and operational planning.
  • We advise on improvement of suppliers tendering and production initiatives leading to increase of competitiveness.

Company Product Analysis

  • We help you achieve sustainable competitiveness by the alignment of your offer/portfolio with customer needs.
  • For these purposes we conduct an analysis of your portfolio and your competitors’ offerings (prices, products, sale support); we conduct consumer segmentation and profiling and we analyze the impact of the proposed changes on current business operations.

Market Entry Assistance

  • We support you in decision making relating to evaluating new markets by review of market size, growth potential and competitive environment.
  • We quantify potential business opportunities (by measuring their profitability), we assist with operational planning and with the selection of business model appropriate for new market entry.
  • We identify and value acquisition targets and joint-venture partners; we identify synergies.
  • We assess in detail the position of acquisition targets on the market (their products, internal capabilities, customer variety) and evaluate the sustainability of their position.

Strategic Planning

  • We identify strategic opportunities for profit growth through detailed analyses of the relevant market environment, competitive environment and internal company capacities.
  • We formulate, plan and monitor strategic initiatives supporting growth of the company.