We build smart public administration

Most cities and other public administration bodies are following the current trends such as implementing “smart solutions”, developing eGovernment and using modern technologies. Our activities in the area of smart public administration include:

  • analyzing areas where it is appropriate and effective to implement these solutions,
  • cooperating with technology companies on the possibilities of using smart solutions,
  • assessing potential funding resources for such solutions,
  • undertaking feasibility studies, including business plans, and
  • developing new communication platforms between the authorities and the public. 

How can we help you in this area?

A clear and effective presentation of your activities’ results

These days, people are overwhelmed with information and find it difficult to orient themselves. We offer a simple, fast, and efficient platform for public bodies or city management to communicate with the public. This platform allows you to present key information about your organization in an attractive and comprehensible way. Using this platform, you can also present the most important data in real time.

How to work with an increasing volume of data

All organizations have a vast amount of information available that can help them and their customers make life and work easier. An important condition is to be familiar with this data, to have it available and make good use of it. In particular, in the case of public administration, the collected data may serve more than just internal purposes: it can also be available to the general public in the form of open data.

Changes in processes and their implementation in connection with new technological solutions

We also focus on the process side of implementing smart solutions in public administration, adapting them to new conditions and optimizing them. The development of smart public administration is understood not only as the development of new applications and technological solutions, but also as a way to streamline the activities of public administration and its services for the public. Therefore, every "smart solution" is judged from the point of view of its real benefit, e.g. time or cost savings.

Citizen / Enterprise Dashboard

We developed the Citizen Dashboard (or Enterprise Dashboard) application for cities, government institutions, their subordinate organizations and state enterprises. This tool helps clients to communicate better with the general public, potential investors and experts and present the results of their activities. The goal of Dashboard is to create an attractive, modern and comprehensive form of the organization's agenda, present the most important and most interesting data, and at least part of it in real time. The first version of Dashboard was launched for the Statutory City of Liberec, and another version of Dashboard for the state enterprise Palivový kombinát Ústí, s. p., where the enterprise dashboard replaced their original official website. The Citizen Dashboard was appreciated by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic: the Ministry chose our solution as an example of good practice in the category Attractive Office 2016.

Analysis of possibilities for the introduction of cloud services in the public administration in the Czech Republic

We prepared a study focusing on cloud solutions and their use in the public administration environment in the Czech Republic. The study included the cloud's eGovernment characteristics and legislative environment assessment. It was based on cost-effectiveness according to the TCO methodology and supplemented by an analysis of experience and best practice from abroad. Within the project, we also mapped the possibilities of using EU funds for cloud services for the Czech public administration.

Strategies for the construction of NGA networks and the possible use of subsidies in this area

We developed a draft strategy for one of the major telecom owners. We focused on the possibilities of its involvement in the development of state-owned backbone networks, including the possibility of drawing subsidies for building, expanding and upgrading infrastructure for high-speed Internet access. The strategy included a business plan for the development and use of a high-speed infrastructure network. In addition, we prepared a case study for a specific region. It included the quantification of the cost and yield pages in different variants according to the technological solution and the calculation of the financial indicators of the return on investment.

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