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We support non-profit sector

We share our knowledge and experience

We believe that we are able to help non-governmental organisations in particular by sharing our knowledge and skills of the fields we deal with every day. Our activities in non-profit sector are primarily focused on development of skills, talents and education of individuals potentially facing exclusion for various reasons.

Skilled volunteering – we support others in their personal development

Figures for 2016

821 hours of skilled volunteering activities;

18 mentors in the framework of the Social Impact Award (SIA)

CZK 10,065,000 is the sum total of revenues from all mentored SIA start-up projects


Helping to do business differently – PwC’s plan to support sustainable social entrepreneurship in long term

As a consultancy firm, we pass our experience in particular to social enterprises as they operate partly as profit and partly as non-profit organisations and simultaneously strive to find solutions to global issues.

We have supported both social start-ups and existing social enterprises through skilled volunteering already since 2012, specifically in the areas of financial management, business and financial modelling and planning and also in finding investors. Further, we provide consultancy concerning sustainable development and long-term competitiveness in the area of taxes and legal compliance. Impact Hub Prague, the organiser of the Social Impact Award (SIA)*, is one of our strategic partners in this respect.


SIA Award partner since 2012

Winners of the acceleration and educational program for social start-ups often show great enthusiasm, but have little knowledge of financial and legal matters. Therefore, we help them to set and subsequently launch all essential processes in the aforementioned areas so that their enterprises become fully functional in business terms and sustainable in financial terms.

The 5th SIA* Mentoring Program organised at PwC in summer 2016 saw 23 our employees, as mentors, meeting the representatives of 9 successful projects.

Pavla Žížalová (right) mentoring the Amani project*, together with Andrea Haličková of the Audit Department.


Consultant Jaroslav Rummler mentoring the Zero waste hero project together with Helena Rojas Ortiz of the Tax Department.

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Pro bono – money only comes second

Aside from mentoring, we also support social enterprises by offering our professional services free of charge or at significantly reduced prices to accommodate these enterprises financial possibilities. We really appreciate the way these enterprises contribute to this society. If their purpose is your purpose as well, do not hesitate to support them too.

Good Angel (cooperating since 2011)

Doctors Without Borders (cooperating since 2017)

Srdcerváči (cooperating since 2017)



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We share our possessions – philanthropic activities

Donations – Christmas charity

In 2016, during our 15th Christmas charity, we donated CZK 500,000 for activities supporting the education, talent and self-confidence development of disadvantaged children and handicapped people. This annual donation is one of our longest-running fundraising projects.

Pictured from left to right: Jan Vaněk, the chairman of the FOD, Peter Porubský, the director of Linka bezpečí, Jiří Moser, the PwC ČR partner, and Jakub Knězů, the director of Startujeme.


  • The Fund for Children in Need (FOD)*, which has been supported by PwC ČR employees for the longest period of time, received CZK 240,000. The money was used to cover the expenses of three of their crisis centres based in Štěrboholy, Chodov and Brno-Líšeň, where PwC employees also help by volunteering every year. Over the last ten years, our company has donated CZK 1,819,617. 
  • Linka Bezpečí (Safety Line)* has received a gift worth CZK 160,000 which can cover four days of their crisis helpline operation. 
  • The amount of CZK 100,000 was given to the Startujeme o.p.s.*, the operator of the café based in our Prague headquarters, to provide job positions for people with mild mental disabilities. 


Volunteering and non-financial help

In PwC every employee can devote one work day a year to volunteer activities. In 2016, we spent 368 hours in volunteer activities.

The recovery of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area

20 colleagues from the Assurance and Tax Advisory departments of the Brno office of PwC ČR spent several days volunteering in the Pálava Protected Landscape Area’s clean-up.


Český Kras Protected Landscape Area

A group of colleagues from the tax department used their volunteering day to clean the Protected Landscape Area of Český Kras.


4 years

80 auditors

4 000 m² of cleaned forest area

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We promote social entrepreneurship and employment of handicapped people

In 2015, our cooperation with the Startujeme o.p.s.* social enterprise, our internal café operator, began. This partnership secured jobs for almost ten people with mild mental disabilities. Read our Corporate Social Responsibility report* to learn more about the development of our cooperation. 

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We engage and cooperate

We connect the business world and the non-profit sector with education – all employees of the socially-focused enterprises we cooperate with can participate in our internal trainings. Furthermore, in 2016 we donated 360 hours of training to the companies Člověk v tísni, Byznys pro společnost* and the VIA Foundation

We are further connected with the VIA Foundation through our partnership in a philanthropic competition, the VIA Bona award. We are also a member of Byznys pro společnost. 


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* Currently available in Czech version only


Tomáš Leixner

Tomáš Leixner

Corporate Responsibility, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 724 442 948

Jana Válková

Jana Válková

Corporate Responsibility, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 735 729 784

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