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Kick off your career in our Technology Consulting team

Do you have a business sense and are you enthusiastic about new technologies? You will be able to use both in our team.

What does working at Technology Consulting mean to us?

Learn about Technology Consulting community

At the Technology Consulting team, we keep improving our skills not only when working for our clients. We get specialised and trained within five communities where we will gladly accept you.

Technology consulting community

New Technologies

From Bitcoin technology and its practical use via cloud transformations and Hololens through to gamification in mobile applications. The members of our community take part in various projects, such as IT strategies, release management of small or highly complex projects, roles of product owners of web and mobile applications. Nowadays, every large business is an IT business and an overview and know-how of the technological field is a must-have.

We use the skills of New Technologies in our everyday lives, too, e.g. we created a mobile application tracking our performance during our ski away day.

Digital Strategy

What can you learn from us? We work on projects creating something brand new in the digital world. The basis for that is to understand the problem and the client/user needs. Within our community, we derive a specific solution which we prototype and test on actual customers in order to find out whether the solution is really the best one.

In our Digital Strategy community, we are most interested in four main areas – Digital Transformation, Design Thinking, BXT, and Customer Experience. We could literally say that we put ourselves in our client’s shoes or that we think outside the box.

Business Intelligence

We focus on learning about the various BI tools, such as Power BI, Hadoop, Informatica ETL or Teradata, simply said about anything concerning data processing and usage. We mostly take care of our clients’ data warehouses (DWH) where we try to create whole new complex areas. We have created a large database solution that manages the entire GDPR process of client anonymisation in the bank.

Our community welcomes all those who are interested in anything concerning data and databases. Out of all the communities, we are unequivocally the most technically focused one and what’s greatly important to us is that our team members acquire real technical skills, such as SQL or Power BI, and that they can put these tools into practice.


Our community proves that agile is not just a buzzword. It’s internally organised like Scrum with regular ceremonies, such as sprint planning, retrospective or refining. When managing tasks, we use a real tool that’s common for agile projects of our clients.

In fact, most of our clients already use agile methods and that’s why it is important to understand them and to be able to help our clients in this area. We share experience from our projects led by the agile method, we are building a knowledge base for our own team and use this experience when working for other clients. What can we offer to you? For example, our experience with defining the Agile and Digital Transformation strategy for our major client in Bulgaria.


In our community, you can learn about plenty of fields. These include finance and accounting SAP/4HANA, HR and SuccessFactors, or other tools and areas; this knowledge can be applicable practically anywhere. We will give you an opportunity to use SAP, to get to know it in detail, to learn to implement it and programme it for anything your client needs. Whether you are a fan of agile or waterfall, you will be able to use both here.


What do our colleagues say?


consultant at Digital Strategy Community

There’s always someone to help you out

At Technology Consulting, the key thing is that you are not afraid of showing your skills, thinking for yourself and presenting thoughts without feeling shy to ask if you need help. The team consists of a bunch of great people who are true professionals. Projects we work on have a wide focus range. Personally, I loved most the design of an online banking application for a newly founded bank, we evaluated the digital maturity of a multinational company in 13 countries, or we changed the core system of a gaming company. Can you help us out with that?


manager at Agile Community

I love changing companies and their business

Technology Consulting is an ideal start of your career. Projects we work on bring actual changes to companies and it’s wonderful to watch that. At Technology Consulting, not only are you a part of PwC, but you also get to see the activities of other companies. We usually work with our clients for approximately 6 months to a year and it’s our job to get to know their business and to understand their needs. If you are motivated about the opportunity to work on projects that make sense and if you like variety, you’ll definitely fit in our team.


senior consultant at Business Intelligence Community

That’s what teamwork is like

At Technology Consulting, you will get the chance to see how a great team works. Without exaggeration. Each of us is great at something a bit different, so you can learn a lot from everyone. Technology Consulting will offer you plenty of opportunities to develop your technology as well as soft skills and the only thing we want is for you to show them to us and to our clients.


senior consultant at SAP Community

The best of a start-up and a big company as well

Working in the Technology Consulting team has plenty of benefits – I can work for large international clients from Prague and my colleagues have broad experience in their field. We’re actually something between a well-running start-up and a great international company. And we take the best of both, obviously. If I should motivate someone to join us, I’d highlight our clients. My most interesting project, for instance, was the implementation of Successfactors, an HR cloud solution, into a large international company with over 200 thousand employees.


consultant at New Technologies Community

You will get your personal freedom as well as expert support

At Technology Consulting, you will get to know a number of companies and it will be your job to help them. It’s not always simple, but a quality team background will help you cope. Colleagues with more experience will become your mentors, but you will get enough freedom to solve the individual problems. Personally, I love the variety of our projects. The most interesting one I had the chance to contribute to was the implementation of a consolidation system for a big player on the e-commerce market.

We love our jobs, but we also have fun after work to weld our team together as much as we can :)

Can you recognise our colleagues? 🔍
When we take group photos, a photo booth for 6 can serve easily up to 16 people. 🔍
Unless you’re afraid of water, we’ll be happy to take you on the next cruise along with us! 🔍
We build a team spirit even out of the office. 🔍
This is where we spent an afternoon full of sports after our whole team worked really hard. 🔍
Petr, our boss, is passionate about paddleboarding, so he trains all of us as much as he can. 🔍
This is us, hi there! 🔍
Colleagues from the Digital Strategy community went out to play beach volleyball too. And also to have a drink and for support. 🔍
How many consultants can fit onto a balcony? The entire Business Intelligence is a community! 🔍
We specialise in racing with pool lounger of extraordinary shapes. 🔍
Sometimes we even take the plane to see our client or to go on a well-deserved team Away Day. 🔍


Who is our desired candidate?

  • You are interested in new technologies and their connection with business.

  • You want to work hard on your skills and learn from the best ones in the team.

  • You have analytical skills and an open mind.

  • You can communicate well and you speak English.

  • And if you are a university graduate, you are likely to become our new colleague. Check out the jobs in our team!

Let us know about yourself:

GraduatesExperienced professionals 

Let us know about yourself

Are you in the mood to try working for us, or is there anything you wish to ask? Contact us. Whether you wish to find out more about our work, our projects, or perhaps you haven't found a position that could suit you. In short, let us know about yourself, we will get back to you and discuss the opportunities perhaps directly at PwC over a cup of coffee.

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Petra Vetríková

Petra Vetríková

Advisory recruitment (Consulting and Technology recruitment), PwC Czech Republic

Hana Prokopová

Hana Prokopová

Agile Community Leader, PwC Czech Republic

Pavlína Ešnerová

Pavlína Ešnerová

Business Intelligence Community, TC Run Club Leader, PwC Czech Republic

Eva  Hlaváčová

Eva Hlaváčová

SAP Community, PwC Czech Republic

David Nguyen

David Nguyen

Digital Strategy Community, PwC Czech Republic

Tomáš Rumian

Tomáš Rumian

New Technologies Community, PwC Czech Republic

Petr  Ložek

Petr Ložek

Lead Partner, Technology Consulting, PwC Czech Republic

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