Workforce cost management

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Using a thorough analysis of salary costs and employee benefits, we can develop and implement an efficient remuneration scheme.


Workforce cost management - image
  • Quantification of current workforce costs
  • Review of the cost of benefits currently being provided to employees, such as company cars, pension insurance, accommodation, training, the use of sporting facilities, the use of kindergarten facilities, etc.
  • Revision of the employee benefits provided, including identification of problems in tax and social security/health insurance area
  • Design and implementation of a remuneration structure which will address the tax deductibility of the costs, taxability of the income for the employee, internal procedures and administration.
  • Quantification of the savings that would result from our recommended remuneration structure
  • Implementation of the plan
  • Assisting with plan administration and the training of local plan administrators
  • Project supervision and maintenance
  • Providing tax and legal due diligence for share plans