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PwC provides comprehensive tax and legal services in the form of personal income tax, social security, health insurance and immigration law when arranging work-related assignments of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic and work-related assignments of Czech citizens abroad. In the Czech Republic, we have been specialising in this area since 1992. We are part of a worldwide network that connects more than 57 countries. Being an international company allows us to provide the required services not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. In case of need, we can coordinate the global migration of workers.

We can provide full support in the area of human resources management. We also specialise in assessing and optimising the benefits provided to employees from the perspective of the tax effectiveness of each benefit and in assessing the tax implications of various motivational instruments.

When rendering our services, we pay attention to finding solutions that minimise the costs for the employer and are as administratively undemanding as possible.

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Global Mobility Services: Taxation of International Assignees – Czech Republic

This booklet is designed to provide foreign nationals planning to work in the Czech Republic with a general background of Czech tax law and related issues. It reflects the tax law and practice as of February 2017.

Download the booklet Global Mobility Services: Taxation of International Assignees – Czech Republic (pdf 4,5 MB)


Nebojte se pracovního vyslání do zahraničí

This publication, which is in Czech, is intended mainly for Czech employees preparing to go on assignments abroad. We call attention to basic tax implications, especially the creation of tax liability in the country where the work is to be carried out, and provide information on social security and health insurance issues related to working abroad. Readers are also informed about the obligations connected to legalising their stay abroad.

Download the publication Nebojte se pracovního vyslání do zahraničí (pdf 6,3 MB)