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Czech CEO Survey 2015 - Key Findings

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Czech CEO Survey

The Czech CEO Survey 2015 has clearly shown that CEOs focus on growth. The common lamentation over the crisis is already past. Each company is unique and searches for its own way to success. The common denominator is the acquisition and correct usage of resources. People are the most important one. The fear that there will not be enough employees with required knowledge will represent – according to the CEOs – the biggest threat for their companies. Historically, this threat replaced traditional themes such as corruption, bureaucracy or high tax burden, for the first time. Therefore, we have devoted one single chapter to the question of employee’ motivation. I believe that it will be an inspiration for you to succeed in the struggle for the best employees.

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Czech CEO Survey 2015

For the sixth year in a row, we have interviewed top representatives of leading firms active in the Czech market.

The Czech CEO Survey 2015 has clearly shown that CEOs focus on growth. The common lamentation over the crisis is already past.
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CEOs Less Optimistic about Global Economy for 2015

But Confidence in Growth of Their Own Companies Remains Steady

Regionally, the results show wide variations. CEOs in Asia Pacific are the most optimistic about the global economy with 45% anticipating improvement, followed by the Middle East (44%) and North America (37%). On the other hand, only 16% of CEOs in Central and Eastern Europe expect economic improvement. CEOs in emerging economies like India (59%), China (46%) and Mexico (42%) are more optimistic about the economy than those in developed economies like the US (29%) and Germany (33%).

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18th Annual Global CEO Survey

CEOs are less optimistic about global growth prospects than a year ago, with 37% of CEOs thinking global economic growth will improve in 2015. This is down from 44% last year.


Approaching storm. Report on transformation

The second danger is caused by the very strong links of the region with western European economies and with the fate of the euro.

The significance of the Western Europe’s recession for the CEE countries obviously depends on the extent to which their economies are open to trade and dependent on the exports to southern European eurozone members. Moreover, CEE countries with little room to manoeuvre in their macroeconomic policy will not be able to compensate for external shocks with any domestic stimulus.

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Approaching storm. Report on transformation

As recessionary triggers, along with waves of the current financial instability, are coming mainly from the eurozone, the CEE region faces two main risks. The first danger is that, as with all the emerging economies, CEE countries may easily become victims of a possible global financial panic and the resulting ‘flight to security’ behaviour.
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Approaching storm. Report on transformation