ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business

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ACCA Diploma in Accounting
and Business

The ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business is a 9-day comprehensive full package programme consisting of 3 modules that was designed specifically by PwC Academy. This interactive online programme will thoroughly prepare you for the first three ACCA exams and will help you to get the internationally recognised ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business. Our highly skilled tutors and experienced professionals bring the latest knowledge, experience and practice to our courses.


Modules of the programme

Module 1: Business and Technology (BT)

This 3-day module will help you to understand the environment of the business world and how this affects the way companies operate, particularly in regards to the role of accountants within businesses. 


  • Business stakeholders and external environment,
  • Business structure,
  • Accounting and reporting systems, controls and compliance,
  • Leadership and teamwork, 
  • Personal effectiveness and communication,
  • Ethics in accounting and business.

Module 2: Management Accounting (MA)

This 3-day module will help you to explore your understanding of how to prepare and analyse basic quantitative data and cost information in order to support managers in making important business decisions.


  • Management information,
  • Cost accounting techniques,
  • Budgeting,
  • Standard costing,
  • Performance measurement.


Module 3: Financial Accounting (FA)

The aim of this 3-day module will help you to familirize with  know the basic financial principles and regulations and demonstrate your technical proficiency.
This includes knowing how to prepare basic financial statements, basic consolidated financial statements and how to interpret them.


  • Financial reporting,
  • Qualitative characteristics of financial information,
  • Double-entry and accounting systems,
  • Recording transactions,
  • Trial balance,
  • Preparing basic financial statements,
  • Preparing simple consolidated financial statements,
  • Interpreting financial statements.


Course details

Programme ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business is a nine day programme consisting of three modules. 

Why study ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business with PwC Academy? 

Programme includes complex service coverage, including: 

  • Full administrative & organizational support –⁠ We will help you with all the administrative tasks related to your ACCA studies –⁠ we will make the administrative procedures as smooth as possible. On top of that with PwC Academy you can benefit from a reduced registration fee,
  • Comprehensive study materials - We will provide you with full access to study materials (including videos & other online resources) and with practice tests (three for each paper),
  • Schedule an exam according to your needs –⁠ PwC Academy is an authorised centre for the CBE (computer based) exams. The centres are located in Prague and Brno. This allows you to schedule your exams with us on demand (you can choose date that suits you best). We will also help you with the registration process for ACCA exams. 


This programme is suitable for anyone who wants to start career in finance, gain valuable knowledge in finance and accounting and get an internationally recognised ACCA certification.


The program will prepare you for the first three ACCA exams (Business and Technology, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting). After successfully passing these three exams and after completing the Foundations in Professionalism module you will be awarded ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business.



Steve Willis, FCCA

Steve has over 15 years of ACCA training experience and has delivered thousands of days of training and train-the-trainer workshops around the world. He is a regular contributor to ACCA’s Student Accountant and Teach Accounting magazines, and his popular webinars often receive 1,000’s of viewers. In addition to being an ACCA member, Steve is also a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor. He is a tutor of Management Accounting (MA) and Financial Accounting (FA).

Radka Nedvědová, FCCA

Radka has been a head tutor in PwC’s Academy since 2008. She helps students prepare for ACCA exams and delivers a variety of management and business skills trainings. Radka co-ordinates the tutor group and develops learning solutions that are used across the CEE region. Her courses receive excellent feedback and students achieve high pass rates in the exams. Radka is a tutor of Business and Technology (BT).

Dates and details

Date Course CPD points Language Place Price
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Autumn 2023

ACCA Diploma

63 ENG Online

33,000 CZK


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