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As digital technologies become increasingly pervasive in telecoms operators’ offerings, operations and business models, their Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are under growing pressure to ensure the Finance function keeps pace. In response, CFOs across the industry are taking steps to map out what a world-class telco Finance function will look like in five to ten year’s time. They know that the urgency of embarking on the journey to the digital Finance function of the future is increasing rapidly, as managers across the business demand more timely, accurate and forward-looking information and intelligence to support better and faster business decisions. To meet these demands, PwC believes the CFO must pilot the Finance function through a comprehensive transformation focused on eight key areas. And to ensure success in each area, a common factor will be the reliability and quality of Finance data to enable and support enhanced performance across the enterprise – an imperative that ultimately will see the CFO assume the role of the business’s Chief Performance Officer, or CPO.

In the November issue of Communications Review, we present, ‘Leading from the front: Redesigning the Finance function to support the digital telco of the future.’ In the article, we look at how CFOs can transform their finance function.

Thomas Tandetzki
Global Communications Leader

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