Actuarial Services

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The actuarial services are aimed to the economic and financial evaluation of the contingent contractual relationships. The proper management of the risk inherent to this kind of operations is critical to protect the normal performance of businesses.

Some of the services we provide in this area are detailed below:

Actuarial Advisory Services for Companies

  • Management of insurable risks, selection and evaluation of insurance contracts.
  • Evaluation, selection and design of health coverage contracts.
  • Design of Pension Plans and valuation of their costs and commitments.
  • Projection analysis of retirement benefits.
  • Evaluation and development of financial risk management models. Quantification Models. Development of Coverage Strategies.
  • Development of scoring and rating models for the credit risk management. Assets and Liabilities Management (ALM), treasury book models (Value at Risk).
  • Accounting for commitments of pension plans, health and other benefits, under international standards.
  • Statistic analysis.
Actuarial Advisory Services for Insurers and Health Organizations
  • Development and design of insurance and health products. Development of pricing models.
  • Support to the management control. Follow-up to the profitability of insurance and reinsurance contracts.
  • Analysis of accident rate and premium adequacy. Support for accounting under international standards. Projection and evaluation of businesses and products.
  • Analysis of reserve adequacy for known losses. Estimate of IBNR losses.
  • Actuarial advisory services in transactions of insurance companies and portfolios.
  • Review and reserve attestation.