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Insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors in the rapidly changing technology landscape

About the series

PwC’s award-winning Consumer Intelligence Series enables greater insight into consumer and executive attitudes and behaviors in the rapidly changing technology landscape. The findings are based on surveys, focus groups, video interviews, immersion sessions with industry specialists and online listening campaigns. The series has examined a wide range of issues such as privacy, smart homes, artificial intelligence, wearable technology, video content consumption and the mobile wallet.

Why everyone in the C-suite should take responsibility for corporate purpose

With a pandemic that’s taken more than a million lives globally and widespread calls to address societal systemic racism, it’s no wonder business leaders are focused on how company purpose can play a larger role in their organization. They see that creating value for all stakeholders and society at large—not just financial gain for shareholders—means doing more than occasional company-sponsored charity work. Done well, many are finding that doing good can also add to the bottom line.

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