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Attracting and retaining customers by being here, there, everywhere, in the cloud.

More than ever before, customers demand personalized attention and better digital accessibility. Savvy businesses are leveraging social, mobile and cloud technologies to deliver on these expectations. Is your organization equipped to thrive in today’s complex customer-centric market?

Leading customer engagement platforms connect everything to everything —seamlessly integrating sales, customer relationship management (CRM), customer service and social marketing applications. Real-time customer insights and actions are enabled by cloud-based analytics capabilities. Using this type of innovative technology combined with the necessary and proven business transformation will be key to your success.  

As a Platinum Consulting Partner with Salesforce, PwC can help you transform your business with the Salesforce platform supported by our strategy and business transformation capabilities. Your business' unique customer needs, processes and governance mandates are the base for our customized solutions—which deliver real-time access anytime, anywhere across any device.


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Develop a holistic customer engagement strategy

Develop a cloud-based customer engagement strategy that maps to your over-arching business goals and helps you keep pace in a customer-centric digital world. PwC helps consider all aspects of your business and deploy successful Salesforce solutions from strategy through execution.

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Boost revenue, enhance customer connections

Better manage customer acquisition and interactions, and ultimately grow revenue, boost productivity and gain visibility into your business. We help strengthen customer connections with cloud capabilities that span sales, service and marketing to mobile, social and collaborative communities.

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Listen, Analyze, Engage

Harness data across the sales, service and marketing functions with cloud-based analytics capabilities to improve decision-making and the overall customer experience. PwC helps make it easier to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device.

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Build custom applications

If you seek specific functionality to meet business needs through custom application development, we help deliver transformative applications for the mobile and socially connected enterprise through Our teams build custom applications to align with your business strategies and needs

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Enhance social enterprise collaboration

Align internal teams and functions for idea sharing, working and collaboration with Chatter, Communities and We provide the social tools to set goals, drive deals and promote customer satisfaction—within the context of your customer strategies.

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Build interactive communities

Accelerate innovation, interaction and communication with your partners and customers through Salesforce Communities. We can help you transition from your current portals to create powerful interactive communities within a structured and predictable migration framework.

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Create possibility through transformation

Organizations today are challenged by increased customer expectations defined by the rise of digital innovation. It’s time to rethink business.

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PwC’s digital solutions—powered by Salesforce

Interacting with clients, employees and partners has never been easier thanks to the omnipresence of digital technologies. But in today’s fast-paced digital world, investing in technology isn’t enough. Putting people at the centre of digital transformation initiatives is critical so companies can create excitement for the new ways of working and ultimately meet their unique customer needs, business processes and governance mandates to foster a competitive advantage.
Shift podcast: PwC Canada’s move to Salesforce

Organizations often struggle to realize the benefits of their digital investments, in many cases due to limited technology adoption. Shift’s guests, Jimmy Bremner, Innovation and Transformation Executive at Salesforce, and Christine Robertson, Senior Marketing Director at PwC Canada, talk about lessons learned and insights from a complex and multi-territory digital transformation.

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Analytics Cloud / Pilot 

Amid disruptive forces of cloud, social, mobile and analytics technologies, organizations are using front-office and back-office data to achieve competitive advantages. Salesforce Analytics Cloud helps empower all business users to explore data, identify trends, and take action. PwC’s Analytics Cloud Pilot program helps you leverage Analytics Cloud from strategy through execution in six weeks.

Field Service Professional 

PwC’s Field Service Professional solution powered by Salesforce helps you build long term loyalty with your customers. The solution integrates your sales, operations and service teams, helping them manage the full customer life cycle to allow for better visibility and proactive decision making.

Customer Community 

PwC’s Customer Community solution powered by Salesforce helps you strategically build and leverage an online community to better engage with customers—helping them at the point of need across their channels of choice.

Always On Workforce 

PwC's Always On Workforce solution powered by Salesforce is an easy to use, collaborative platform that helps companies take their employee experience to the next level. The mobile-enabled solution helps drive employee engagement and collaboration from hire to retire.

Partner Community 

PwC’s Partner Community solution powered by Salesforce helps you connect directly with channel partners to share goals, objectives, and activities in a secure, branded location. We combine powerful digital solutions with our deep industry and Salesforce experience to deliver comprehensive solutions from strategy through execution.

Asset Servicing 

PwC’s Asset Servicing solution powered by Salesforce offers a cloud-based specialized, compliant, and secure asset servicing platform for institutional clients. The solution, designed with mobility in mind, includes key sales capabilities that help deepen your understanding of your customer base—helping drive new business, retain, upsell, and enhance service.

Insurance Community 

PwC’s Insurance Sales Community solution is a mobile offering powered by Salesforce that provides a seamless, customized user experience in mobile environments. It combines legacy/existing quoting, policy management and claims engines with Salesforce customer management and analytics.

Mobile Manager Solution 

PwC’s Mobile Manager solution is an agile offering that provides a seamless, customized user experience – intuitive and easy to navigate, with data that is relevant to your specific needs. The solution provides a user-friendly experience in mobile environments.

Wealth Management 

PwC’s Wealth Management solution powered by Salesforce features customizable capabilities that help facilitate collaboration and increase transparency. The solution’s benefits include a 360 client view that lets you track opportunities, financial accounts, trusts, notes, tasks, and events to specific household and relationship groups.

Patient Digital Care

PwC’s Patient Digital Care solution powered by Salesforce can help you better engage your patients to help drive better outcomes and increase reimbursement.

Inquire to Order

PwC’s Inquire to Order solution powered by Salesforce can help you better engage with your customers. Benefits include connected customers; connected stores; connected employees; and connected products.

Total Retail Clienteling 

PwC’s Total Retail Clienteling solution powered by Salesforce can help you better engage your customers by increasing visibility, improving sales response time, eliminating disparate systems and improving access to real-time data. 

Shift podcast series

Dig into digital trends and topics with PwC Canada's Shift, featuring conversations with senior executives and subject matter experts. 

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