2018 visionary finalist: MindBridge Ai

Our innovation is: 

“impactful, game-changing, invaluable”

Eli Fathi, CEO, MindBridge Ai


MindBridge Ai

Finalist category:
The visionary




What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“The ACFE estimates that over $3 trillion each year is lost to the economy due to human error or fraud—roughly $500 for every person on the planet! Current financial data analytic processes are based on sampling methods and rule-based tools—detecting only 3% of known cases.”

— Eli Fathi, CEO, MindBridge Ai

The innovation:

“MindBridge Ai Auditor automates the ingestion and analysis of data and learns from user interaction. Hybrid machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are applied against 100% of transactions, generating a ‘risk score’ for all transactions, with results presented in an intuitive interface to focus further investigations.”

— Eli Fathi, CEO, MindBridge Ai
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