2017 disruptor finalist: Rover Parking


Our innovation is
“smart, nimble, propitious”

Grant Brigden, Founder, Rover Parking


Rover Parking

Finalist category
The disruptor



What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“Inefficiency is probably the best way to summarize the overall problem Rover is solving. The implementation of Rover's shared, distributed parking infrastructure creates a more efficient use of land, a more efficient use of peoples time and has a dramatically positive impact on socioeconomic efficiencies.”

Grant Brigden, Founder, Rover Parking
The innovation

“Rover is the marketplace for shared parking. People often describe Rover as the airBNB of parking, creating and bringing to market a new, unique supply of parking inventory that is easy to find, inexpensive, distributed evenly throughout the city and directly accessible from the web or a mobile device.”

Grant Brigden, Founder, Rover Parking
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