2017 disruptor finalist: Law Scout


Our innovation is
“transformative, trusted, empowering”

Shane Murphy, Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer, Law Scout


Law Scout

Finalist category
The disruptor



What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“Nearly 90% of small businesses in Ontario avoid working with a lawyer due to cost and complexity. This puts small businesses at a disadvantage to larger firms. Too often small businesses are structured improperly and use inadequate contracts, which can lead to serious ramifications as they grow.”

Shane Murphy, Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer, Law Scout
The innovation

“We are building a platform to modernize the legal industry, much like how QuickBooks has transformed accounting. Our platform helps entrepreneurs by automating their routine legal needs. For complex tasks, we offer transparency and efficiency by making it easy to hire lawyers online on a fixed-fee basis.”

Shane Murphy, Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer, Law Scout
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