2017 builder finalist: ScribbleLive

Our innovation is

“data-driven, strategic, creative”

Vince Mifsud, CEO, ScribbleLive



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The builder



What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“The advent of big data has disrupted the content marketing industry. What once was a qualitative discipline has now evolved into a quantitative one. The challenge, however, is that marketers struggle to decipher the information available to them, and to effectively inject it into the content planning and creation process.”

Vince Mifsud, CEO, ScribbleLive

The innovation

“We simplify data and make it a bigger part of the content planning and creation process. We use data science to illuminate the insights that help teams build better marketing strategies. With our platform, marketers can effectively bridge the gap between data, strategy and creativity, helping them create better, more effective content.”

Vince Mifsud, CEO, ScribbleLive
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