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Lead in a virtual world

Drive employee engagement and productivity in the new era of business

We’re on the edge of a new world of work—one brimming with possibilities to reimagine the way we use technology to collaborate, innovate and deliver differently. But our ability to do so is only as good as the leaders who recognize the virtual-work opportunities and can lead their people effectively, especially during periods of unprecedented change and uncertainty. 

Our Lead in a Virtual World program equips leaders with the right skills to lead their teams—and tap into the full potential of their workforces.

How we can help leaders adapt to the new normal and deliver results

Enabling your leaders to manage and lead remote teams is key to keeping your workforce productive. We’re here to help you upskill your leaders and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to maximize their impact, establishing good virtual practices that provide immediate benefits to your organization.

Lead in a Virtual World consists of a series of 75-minute Virtual Leadership Academy sessions led by our facilitators. The sessions are designed to equip leaders with the skills to inspire and engage their teams and promote health and wellbeing. From there, our Unlock program will train leaders on the structures and practices for managing virtual teams to maintain business continuity and optimize team performance.

Virtual Leadership Academy

Help your leadership teams reach new heights with sessions on topics most relevant to today’s business environment:

Remote working essentials

Discover how to drive results through new ways of working and collaborating remotely

Building resilience

Learn how to optimize personal and team performance during times of change and uncertainty

Creating a virtual culture

Explore ways to foster connections, enhance team dynamics and establish new team norms that drive engagement

Unblock : • Embed habits and behaviours • Establish leading KPIs • Make performance visible • Engage team daily • Create routines


This program will help your leaders improve the day-to-day practices of their virtual teams to optimize productivity and ensure accountability. It includes formal virtual training, one-on-one feedback and coaching, and access to our virtual coaching centre.

The benefits

Better leadership of remote employees and teams

  • leaders equipped to role model healthy virtual habits
  • increased team communication and feedback
  • new ways of thinking, working and problem solving

Increased adoption of collaboration tools

  • effective virtual collaboration 

  • training and upskilling people on how to use your technology

Improved staff engagement and wellbeing

  • clear direction, support and accountability

  • increased levels of resilience and reduced levels of stress

Improved performance against KPIs

  • KPIs developed at team level to create greater visibility of performance

  • targeted improvement against business performance

How it works

Our programs are designed to be rolled out quickly and cost effectively, so you can start realizing the benefits of sustained employee engagement and productivity within a matter of weeks.

Week 1


  • Attend Virtual Leadership Academy sessions on the essentials of working remotely (includes training on enabling technology) and leading remote teams.

  • Establish KPIs and design standardized huddle boards.

Week 2

Get going

  • Attend Virtual Leadership Academy sessions on how to create a virtual culture and establish healthy virtual habits.

  • Focus on delivering quality virtual huddles and improving communication across teams.

Week 3

Make it normal

  • Implement data-led decision making, performance discussions and virtual coaching.

30 day plan

Sustain it
  • Maintain business continuity and find new ways of working with optional coaching add-ons and targeted support.

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Jean McClellan

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