19th Annual Global CEO Survey

Redefining business success in a changing world | Canadian insights


of Canadian CEOs think global economic growth will improve over the next 12 months.


of Canadian CEOs believe they need to do more to measure risk.


of Canadian CEOs say business success has to be defined by more than financial profit.


of Canadian CEOs acknowledge they are expected to address wider stakeholder needs.

Webcast: Bringing growth strategies to life

CEOs see tremendous opportunities to become more efficient and effective in how their companies bring growth strategies to life, but they want to do it quickly. Pressures are increasing from a wide group of stakeholders to understand just how companies plan to transform into digital organizations and how risks related to growth opportunities will be defined and managed. 

Watch the webcast featuring Gord Nelson, CFO, Cineplex , Gavin Wright, CFO, Nestlé Canada and Tahir Ayub, PwC, Industries and Markets Leader as they discuss these challenges and how their organizations are addressing them in this changing world.

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Manage increasing
risks, top down

Canadian CEOs recognize that risks to business are increasing

Today risks aren’t only financial. Canadian CEOs overwhelmingly recognize this. We’re finding that leaders are truly trying to understand these risks that come not only from within their organization but also from the broader landscape and third party business associates. But they’re often dealing with these risks from the bottom up and not tying them to business objectives.

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How to lead in complicated times


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“Canadian CEOs appear to have a much higher social consciousness. They're aware that the things they’re doing outside of just making money in their business do have an impact on talent retention and other areas. Of Canadian CEOs surveyed, 92% are focused on redefining business success and the value proposition to customers, to employees, to shareholders and to their communities. ”

Bill McFarland, CEO and Senior Partner, PwC Canada

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Growing in complicated times

Balancing profit with purpose in the 21st Century

Walking the talk

Measuring and communicating success

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"Our founders wanted to make good products and make a profit--and that was the purpose of the company. These days, that needs to be a basis that leads to something bigger."

Dirk Van de Put
CEO, President and Director, McCain Foods Limited

“Of course we have all the traditional financial metrics you can imagine. That said, we’re also very focused on the customer and how they use our products and services. Technology for us is all about making life easier for them.”

Peter Aceto
President and CEO, Tangerine


The Canadian public sector

Canadian CEOs say government and regulators should focus on developing a clear, stable and effective tax system, creating a skilled workforce and strengthening our physical and digital infrastructure.

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of Canadian CEOs say government and regulators are top influencers of business strategy

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