Integrated Security Management

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End-to-end security means addressing policy, process and technology together

When managing your company’s infrastructure, networks and applications, you need to keep one eye on all of your security layers. Technological changes, scalability and future proofing are some of the challenges you may be facing in your line of business. End-to-end security, finding the appropriate level of protection and figuring out how much to invest in protection solutions can all be daunting issues.

Companies need to be able to find ways of addressing policy, process and technology together, and assess whether their information security departments are adequately assessing all of the potential security risks. They also need to determine whether the security systems they currently have in place are appropriate for their business. By gaining complete visibility into the information security infrastructure, organizations are also able to remediate security gaps more quickly.

How PwC can help

With experience across many layers of the security environment, our teams can address the detailed technical, industry and regulatory sector challenges that help our clients align security to their broader technology and business control environment. We help identify risk areas to establish priorities for remediation. With a clearer view of security, organizations can obtain a realistic picture of their weaknesses and can proactively take action to protect information assets.

We can help you integrate your security management using a two-phased approach:

Risk identification

  • Assess current security capabilities
  • Identify technology requirements for bridging security gaps
  • Develop processes to evaluate and prioritize security intelligence information
  • Apply processes that support the ongoing maintenance
  • Determine asset attributes to help allocate resources strategically
  • Assist in aggregating security data from multiple sources in a central repository
  • Help design a single-view security reporting system
  • Assist in developing governance programs to enforce policies


  • Determine appropriate controls to address security incidents
  • Enhance controls by securing, repairing or deploying technology components
  • Validate that identified risks to the environment have been properly addressed
  • Develop a security crisis and response policy
  • Provide planning for security events
  • Repair and investigate security events quickly to reduce their impact

For more information on how we can help you integrate your security management processes contact a PwC Information Security and Privacy professional in your area.