Managing Free Trade with Staffing and IT Constraints

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OriginCompliance™ can help centre your support network on your core business

Although pursuing new free trade agreements can spur needed global competitiveness during the current economic climate, complying with multiple agreements can be daunting. With every new free trade agreement, demands on staff increase and jeopardize their ability to keep up with the compliance burden.

To manage free trade qualifications, companies often use ad hoc procedures that can involve running in-house developed automation. With operational and IT staffing reductions, companies have found it increasingly difficult to manage and run these procedures. In addition, sometimes these processes are not properly maintained to reflect free trade agreement changes or new agreements. With the passage of time, the automation becomes out of date, with no experienced internal staff to request program enhancements. These replacement, enhancement or maintenance requests compete with IT priorities that impact core company operations.

Fulfilling multiple free trade requirements presents competing priorities for IT and staff resources. Also, the people who determine free trade origin qualification are often sales, production or engineering staff who may possess considerable knowledge about a product's materials but are usually unfamiliar with customs matters or free trade origin rules.

How PwC can help keep IT and staff resources focused on core business

Our OriginCompliance™ program delivers a fully hosted and maintained service. Our origin professionals regularly update the program and our IT team host and maintain it. This can help reduce your need for staff specialized in origin activities and lower demand on your internal IT resources. This way, your staff can stay focused on core business activities.

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