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Helping organizations navigate the complexities of cross-border and domestic payroll

Business has gone global and employees go where there is a need as soon as there is a need. That means that employers’ payroll compliance and processing obligations have also gone global.  There are potential risks and exposures that are critical for companies to consider and proactively address in this constantly evolving environment.

Disruption creates opportunities. As companies grow and change, mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations create a whole different set of challenges for payroll professionals.  Just as important, they also create the opportunity to evaluate whether optimal structures are in place for payroll compliance.

Organizations must focus on employment tax matters on a global and domestic scale to avoid the risk of significant fines, penalties and reputational damage. Employers are also likely missing out on opportunities to save time and money.

How PwC can help

Our Global Payroll Solutions team can help you identify these issues, and assist with:

  • Global payroll compliance and co-ordination
  • Non-resident employer certification and withholding tax waiver application assistance
  • Business traveller tracking and payroll compliance solutions
  • Tax Authority payroll audit navigation (Federal, provincial and other payroll tax obligations)
  • Expatriate payroll consulting
  • Internal payroll systems reviews
  • Federal, provincial and other payroll tax compliance reviews
  • Employee benefits analysis

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